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Information about essential facts concerning activity of the Company

Information about the Company in the mass media

Other information which may have interest for potential investors





Information about essential facts concerning activity of the Company (in accordance with the Statement of
the Federal Securities committee # 32 dated 12.08.98.)

1.1. Board of Directors meeting of JSC "Sakhalinsvyaz" was held on May, 14, 1999. It was decided to conduct the annual general Shareholders Meeting and to approve agenda of the annual shareholders Meeting. The date of the meeting is 16.06.99.
Resolution was taken about the date of making the list of shareholders for participation on the general Shareholders Meeting. The register is closed at 18.00 (Moscow time) on 17.05.1999.
1.2. The annual general Shareholders Meeting of JSC "Sakhalinsvyaz" took place in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk on June, 6, 1999.
The fifth question of agenda was election of the Board of Directors members.
Resolution: The following persons have been elected to the Board of Directors:
Pavel V. Akhmanaev - General manager of JV "Sakhalin Telecom Limited"
Victor A. Bogdanov - General director of JSC "Dalsvyazstroy"
Alla B. Grigorieva - Deputy Head of securities managing department of JSC "Svyazinvest" Sergey A. Dzasokhov - First Deputy General director of JSC "Svyazinvest"
Sergey A. Larionov - Head of telecommunications department of the Transport and communications office of the Sakhalin region Administration
Alexander P. Mazunin - General director of JSC "Sakhalinsvyaz"
James Pitchford - Director of new business, "Cable & Wireless", NEAR
Roderick Stanley - General director of "ST Mobile"
Total number of voices given for candidates 544288. Two bulletins for 592 voices have been spoiled.
The voices were spread in the following way:
Akhmanaev P.V. 78584
Bogdanov V.A. 62813
Grigorieva A.B. 60555
Dzasokhov S.A. 60596
Larionov S.A. 60475
Mazunin A.P. 64693
J. Pitchford 78286
R. Stanley 78286
No one of the Board of Directors members has a share in the Authorised capital of the Company.
The following Board members ceased their authorities:
John Maguire
Vasily V. Sidorov
1.3. CJSC "Shareholdre". 20-213, K.Marks st., Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Russia 693000
On 26.07.99. share of JSC "Sakhalinsvyaz" in the Authorised capital of CJSC "Shareholder" has changed.
Before change this share is 24,6%, after change - 0 %.
Shares were sold according to the purchase and sale agreement.
1.4. Correspondent Board of Directors meeting was held on 24.08.99.
Minutes 2
One of agenda questions was about approval of the Management Board member.
To approve the Management Board member Commercial director Tatiana V. Nadsadina.
1.5. In connection with moving the first Deputy General director of JSC "Svyazinvest" Dzasokhov S.A. to the new place of working to the state government bodies and suspension of his authorities of the member of JSC "Sakhalinsvyaz" Board of Directors, JSC "Svyazinvest" initiates conduction of the Board of Directors Meeting (on 15.12.99.) for consideration of a question on re-election of the Board of Directors Chairman.
1.6. "Amos" company: 39, Pobeda ave., Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Russia 693000
On 03.11.99. JSC "Sakhalinsvyaz" passed its share in "Amos" company according to the purchase and sale agreement to "Amos" company with full legal succession of all rights and obligations.

Information about the Company in the mass media

  • Balance sheet, financial report, audit conclusions are published in the mass media every year.
  • "&" agency places information about JSC "Sakhalinsvyaz".
  • All essential facts concerning financial and economic activity of the Company are published in the Attachment to the "Bulletin of the Federal Securities committee of Russia" and in the regional newspapers.
  • Information about new services and change of tariffs is also published in the regional newspapers.
  • Every quarter the Sakhalin newspapers "Governor's news" and "Soviet Sakhalin" publish information about all communication services provided by the Company.

Other information which may have interest for potential investors including information which may influence on the decision of investors about purchasing or alienation of the Company's securities

In spite of some financial difficulties at present JSC "Sakhalinsvyaz" has financial attractiveness for different investors.

Main characteristics of the presents state of affairs in the Company:

  • Financial position id stable.
  • Being solvent the Company makes considerable investments at the expense of own sources.
  • The Company is a monopolist on the communications market of the Sakhalin region providing full range of communication services.
  • The Company has constant customers in all spheres of economics and a list of business-customers with special regime of relationships.
  • The Company has a powerful technological base and introduces new modern technologies, widens the range of services provided.
  • Prognosis is that the Company will have a stable demand for communication services in future.
  • The Company provides corresponding level and range of communication services of good quality to the companies including foreign participating in implementation of projects connected with oil extraction.