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220, Lenina St.,
Russia, 693000

Fax +7 (4242) 721420
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In 1994 the state communications company "Rossvyazinform" of the Sakhalin region was transformed into JSC "Sakhalinelectrosvyaz".
JSC "Sakhalinsvyaz" was created by means of a merger of JSC "Sakhalinelectrosvyaz" and JSC "Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk city telephone exchange" on 30.12.96. with legal succession of all rights and obligations.
The Company consists of 13 branches located in  Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk and in the district centers of the Sakhalin region.

Activity: Development of the single interconnected communications network of the country on the territory of the Sakhalin region. Provision of telephone, telegraph, telex, facsimile, mobile radio telephone communication services, conference communications, wire broadcasting, radio and TV broadcasting both within the country and abroad, development of communication networks and telecommunications of the region.
Business: provision of communication services to the legal entities and individuals on the territory of the Sakhalin region.

Range of services provided:

  • Local, long-distance and international telephone and telegraph communication services.
  • Data transmission and Internet
  • Communication channels and lines lease.
  • Wireless broadcasting of radio and television programs, provision of wire broadcasting
  • ISDN
  • Paging services (Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Kholmsk, Nevelsk, Korsakov)
  • Trunk communication services

JSC "Sakhalinsvyaz" is a leading telecommunications company on the territory of the Sakhalin region both on existing technical capacities and on the volume of services prvided.

Market position: Being the Operator of a public network and possessor of the main communication devices the Company is a natural monopolist in the sphere of communication services on Sakhalin.

On 01.01.2001 JSC "Sakhalinsvyaz" has the following market share:

90% local communications

97% long-distance communications

80% international communications

76% data transmission and Internet

22,3% paging

From 1995 the Company implements digitalizing of its network using switching equipment of EWSD (Siemens), SI-2000 (Iskratel), Sistem X (Marconi Communications), SDX-100 , SDX-26 (Samsung).

Local telephone communications network consists of 147 telephone exchanges with the total installed capacity 134389 telephone numbers including 24 electron and 2 quasi-electron telephone exchanges with installed capacity 59 994 numbers.

Long-distance and international telephone communication services are provided via the long-distance telephone exchange "EWSD". At present all 17 districts of a region have an access to the long-distance telephone exchange on connection lines equipped by automatic zone telephone exchanges or SI-2000.

Data transmission and Internet: JSC "Sakhalinsvyaz" telegraph is organised on the basis of the automatic telegrams transmission system. The Company's customers can send telegrams within Russia, to the countries of CIS and abroad. At present the Company comes to the modern types of data transmission - e-mail, fax, Internet.

TV and radio broadcasting: The Company implements broadcasting of TV and radio programs on the territory of the Sakhalin region. Wire broadcasting network covers 129 cities and villages with the programs of the Russian broadcasting. At present the Company comes from the wire broadcasting to the ultra short wave frequency modulation broadcasting.

The company comes to the new level of relationships with the customers. It opens service-centres where it is possible to pay for all services provided and also to be provided with all communication services. 

A billing system created and certified by the Company's specialists is being introduced in all branches of the Company.

The Company's personnel. Employees of JSC "Sakhalinsvyaz" study in the higher educational institutions, attend marketing, management and business-planing training courses, have other training courses in Russia and abroad.