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Since March 1998 the company   provides paging services. Sakhalinsvyaz managed to gain a stable market share of these services due to high quality services, low prices, convenient pagers and additional free services.
A message sent to the customer of the paging network of Sakhalinsvyaz will easily reach him in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Kholmsk, Nevelsk, Korsakov, Aniva, Vestochka, all the way to Dolinsk and all the way from Nevelsk to Kholmsk. Messages can be transmitted to pagers by four methods:

  • automatic telephone dialing
  • through the operator
  • from the Web site of the company (http:/www.sakhalin.ru), messages can be transmitted in Russian and English
  • via e-mail (address: , Subject pagers number)

Customers of paging network can also be provided with free additional services:

  • group call simultaneous transmission of one message to several pagers combined in a group
  • postponed message you can choose the time of transmitting a message to the customers pager
  • information channel every day the pager receives information about the weather forecast  currency exchange rate, etc.
  • repeating message if a customer is out of the paging network area, messages are  stored and re-transmittion can be requested from the operator

JSC Sakhalinsvyaz offers its clients various pagers which are at a great demand in Russia and abroad. You can purchase:
- alpha-numeric 4, 2,and 1-lines pagers
- numeric pagers

Connection and registration of customers in all the cities of Sakhalinsvyaz paging network is FREE OF CHARGE!

Addresses and telephones of service centers:

Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk Lenina street, 220, Service center, tel. 72 00 72

Kholmsk Lenina square, 5, 3 rd floor, tel. 5 09 88, 5 29 88

Nevelsk Sovetskaya street, 70, tel. 6 04 27

Korsakov Korsakovskaya street, 20, tel. 2 45 60