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The exponential Internet and data transmission growth resulted in the company focusing on the market of Internet access services. High quality of services, full market coverage, reasonable prices were chosen as basic aspects that formed the guidelines.
 Internet access is implemented through 2 independent satellite channels: Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk Moscow and Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk Khabarovsk, thus it guarantees reliable connection. High communication quality is ensured by cooperation with the serious Russian  providers and by transmission speed through digital channels. Transmission speed constantly increases in proportion to the growth of number of customers. You can have an access to Internet through X.25 gateway.
In the Internet itself JSC Sakhalinsvyaz and the Sakhalin Region are presented at Web-server  http:/www.sakhalin.ru.
Variety of Internet services provided by the Company and flexible tariffs give the customers an opportunity to choose the best way of Internet access:

  • dial-up connection - connection speed is up to 56 Kb/sec., per minute or fixed payment (the company offers a wide range of tariffs);

  • dedicated line connection fixed payment depends on connection speed (from 14,4 Kb/sec. to 128 Kb/sec.);

  • Internet connection through ISDN;
  • Internet Express it ensures access to Internet from any telephone, without any agreement, customers are billed as for a long distance call according to a standard tariff
  • Internet cards their advantages are as follows:

-Internet access without any agreement
-easy connection and low prices
-convenient way of payment and flexible discount system

Customers are provided with additional Internet services: e-mail, USENET conference, design and placing of Web-pages and Web-servers, etc.

Sakhalinsvyaz use an up-to-date equipment, the function of the network management center is monitoring and management, help desk assist customers in solving their problems.

You can have an access to Internet in any of the following cities: Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Korsakov, Kholmsk, Nevelsk, Okha, Poronaisk, Uglegorsk, Kurilsk, North Kurilsk, South Kurilsk, Nogliki and Smirnykh.

All information about Internet services provided by Sakhalinsvyaz you can learn if you dial 72 03 03