интим объявления Южно-Сахалинск

Information about the Company

The Company's managing structure

Management of the Company

Board of Directors members

Igor V. Zabolotny: Executive Director - Director of Marketing and Sales of services department of JSC "Svyazinvest".
Alexander P. Mazunin: General Director of JSC "Sakhalinsvyaz"
Pavel V. Akhmanaev: General manager of Joint Venture Sakhalin Teleom Ltd..
Alla B. Grigorieva: Deputy Head of the Corporate Management Department of JSC Svyazinvest, Head of representatives Department.
Maxim S. Pljuschev: Chief specialist of the Corporate Management department.
Vyacheslav A. Bobkov: Deputy General director of Primorskiy krai JSC "Electrosvyaz".
Duffy Desmond: Director "Cable and Wireless" on Sakhalin, "ST Mobile" General .
Philip Newell: "Cable and Wireless", London, corporate finance manager.

Single and collective management boards and officials of the Company

Single executive body: General director - Alexander P. Mazunin

Executive Board members:

Alexander P. Mazunin: JSC "Sakhalinsvyaz", General director.
Nikolay A. Tatarinov: JSC "Sakhalinsvyaz", Technical director.
Natalia V. Koloskova: JSC "Sakhalinsvyaz", Financial director.
Elena Y. Mikhailova: JSC "Sakhalinsvyaz", Chief accountant.
Tatiana V. Nadsadina: JSC "Sakhalinsvyaz", Commercial director.
Leonid N. Kopachenko: JSC "Sakhalinsvyaz", Administrative director